magine the delight in seeing your child's reaction to receiving their very own letter from Santa. Personally addressed and containing information that has meaning in their life and is relevant to their circumstances.

Encourage your child to write to Santa and drop the letter into one of the specially marked letterboxes in the Lions Club Op Shop, Berowra Marketplace Shopping Centre (or 18 Kita Road, Berowra Heights), outside The Bush Telegraph office in Berowra Marketplace or at the Berowra Village Newsagency, Berowra Village Shopping Centre. (see Mailbox Locations)

Alternatively, you can send the letter via Australia Post to PO Box 5, Berowra Heights NSW 2082. The deadline for submissions is close of business on Friday 15th December 2017

The Lions Club of Berowra will send your child a beautifully crafted response containing any information you supply to us enclosed in a message of positive values and virtues and printed on a beautifully coloured letter as shown in this sample here.

The letter will be enclosed in a distinctive green envelope and addressed directly to your child. This will be their very own letter.

Be assured that the letter will deal only with generalities and will be non-committal in its promises. The intention is to bring joy to their lives without committing parents to any specific purchases.

The Lions Club of Berowra is an incorporated charitable organisation and part of Lions Clubs International. We are committed to helping making a difference in people's lives.

Your support of this venture will help in making this change come true.

There are many similar commercial web site and organisations doing Santa letters but we are committed to donating all profits to charity.

Please consider the effect your support will bring. You have the opportunity to work with us in making people's lives just a little better.

To see more of the work, and the charities we have helped, visit our web site at

When we were growing up, we wanted to make the world a better place. We still do. And today's young people have the same dream. As Lions, we're helping them to make their dreams come true.